How to make money at home selling webhosting

On the internet these days literally every single website will need a hosting package to keep it on line and pretty much every single web hosting company will make a nice amount of money annualy by supplying the web hosting service to there customers and did you know it is actually very easy to start making money from one of the internet’s hottest money making opportunity’s? This is your guide to making money at home selling webhosting:

You only need a small down payment of around just thirty bucks to purchase your first reseller hosting packages, you need to buy it from a web hosting company who gives you private domain name servers for example and this way your customers will not know that you are just reselling another company’s web hosting service for a small profit.

When you start selling web hosting you will need to offer a service which is not just affordable but also offers the very best in customer support as web masters these days need the best web hosting partners to help them out when ever they need it.

When your selling your web hosting service you will need to make sure you are building up your company’s reputation and asking all customers to promote the service to there friends too, again, you want to make money at home selling webhosting. If you have thirty customers and each customer recommend your web hosting service to just two of their friends that’s an amazing sixty new customers and if them sixty customers recommend just one friend that’s another sixty customers, so that would be an amazing one hundred and twenty new customers just from an original thirty.

You can play around with incentives of customer promotion and referrals. For example you could run a contest with all customers of your web hosting company where the most referrals in any month wins one whole year worth of free web hosting this will mean that it is giving the incentive of customer referrals.

You don’t just have to offer web hosting services though you can also offer script installation for example wordpress, joomla, drupal and e-commerce platforms you could charge a one off set up fee for installation. You can also offer other services including paid forum posting on customers forums to boost activity. You could also offer domain name management and registration for customers handling all there domain name registrations and renewals also email account creation.

You need to make sure when you create your web hosting company you come across professional, make sure you have a professional looking website with the right content which will sell to potential customers. If you have an email address where customers can email you about problems and even a twitter account to post reply’s to customers requests this will help customers feel there getting the best level of technical support from there web hosting provider.

There is many web hosting providers out there on the internet and you need to stand out from the crowd so you need to offer a mixture of the best possible price and the best possible customer service and make sure you keep the advertising costs down to a minimum by using creative referral ideas to bring in new customers to your web hosting business. A great host to start with, is Amerinoc, great packages, excellent support and fair prices – give them a go and start making money from home by selling webhosting today!

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