How to make money at home selling webhosting

On the internet these days literally every single website will need a hosting package to keep it on line and pretty much every single web hosting company will make a nice amount of money annualy by supplying the web hosting service to there customers and did you know it is actually very easy to start making money from one of the internet’s hottest money making opportunity’s? This is your guide to making money at home selling webhosting:

You only need a small down payment of around just thirty bucks to purchase your first reseller hosting packages, you need to buy it from a web hosting company who gives you private domain name servers for example and this way your customers will not know that you are just reselling another company’s web hosting service for a small profit.

When you start selling web hosting you will need to offer a service which is not just affordable but also offers the very best in customer support as web masters these days need the best web hosting partners to help them out when ever they need it.

When your selling your web hosting service you will need to make sure you are building up your company’s reputation and asking all customers to promote the service to there friends too, again, you want to make money at home selling webhosting. If you have thirty customers and each customer recommend your web hosting service to just two of their friends that’s an amazing sixty new customers and if them sixty customers recommend just one friend that’s another sixty customers, so that would be an amazing one hundred and twenty new customers just from an original thirty.

You can play around with incentives of customer promotion and referrals. For example you could run a contest with all customers of your web hosting company where the most referrals in any month wins one whole year worth of free web hosting this will mean that it is giving the incentive of customer referrals.

You don’t just have to offer web hosting services though you can also offer script installation for example wordpress, joomla, drupal and e-commerce platforms you could charge a one off set up fee for installation. You can also offer other services including paid forum posting on customers forums to boost activity. You could also offer domain name management and registration for customers handling all there domain name registrations and renewals also email account creation.

You need to make sure when you create your web hosting company you come across professional, make sure you have a professional looking website with the right content which will sell to potential customers. If you have an email address where customers can email you about problems and even a twitter account to post reply’s to customers requests this will help customers feel there getting the best level of technical support from there web hosting provider.

There is many web hosting providers out there on the internet and you need to stand out from the crowd so you need to offer a mixture of the best possible price and the best possible customer service and make sure you keep the advertising costs down to a minimum by using creative referral ideas to bring in new customers to your web hosting business. A great host to start with, is Amerinoc, great packages, excellent support and fair prices – give them a go and start making money from home by selling webhosting today!

Help changing web host

Changing web host company is easy, but first you need to ask yourself why you want to change. If you feel you have made the wrong choice when purchasing a web hosting package, maybe you have read some bad reviews about your current host or maybe just the uptime is killing your users slowly or maybe its just too expensive and you have found cheaper then don’t worry, you have now found the help you need to move your web hosting.

When changing web host companys, the first thing you need to do is not to tell the current hosting provider that you are moving what so ever, this could cause all sorts of problems for example they could remove all your files off there server so you cant back up. Keep quite like a ninja and back up all your files onto your computer system first and also if its a Cpanel server do what’s called a ‘Cpanel back up’ which will download all your current files and settings into a tar . GZ file for you to easily upload to your next hosting provider. You can also for extra security and back up download all your files to a CD and just write the date and website domain name address on the front of the CD and just keep it somewhere safe so that if anything does happen its allways there if you need to restore. Always make sure to have at least one full backup of files and databases when changing web host.

Backing up is very important this means you will not loose any of your website the only thing you will be loosing is your previous host. Once you have found your new hosting provider and you have had your account approved with them you will need to change your domain name servers also known as DNS. You need to update your domain name server settings at your domain name registration provider and make sure they are updated on your domain WHOIS. Once your domain name server settings have updated then you are ready to upload your new site to your new web hosting provider. You will need to notify your previous web hosting company that you are leaving and its always a good idea to explain the exact reason for leaving just so they can improve in the future, its always best to keep this step short and sweet you don’t want to engage in a big conversation which may lead to an argument about there services obviously they will try to keep you with there hosting provider and may offer you a better deal on your current plan but once they know you want to leave its always best to just stick with your guns and leave without turning back as depending on the hosting provider it could go both ways.

No hosting company is perfect, some are nearly perfect but there is always something, so you just to make sure you are with the right web hosting provider that actually suits your website and suits you. When leaving your current hosting provider try and make sure it is right at the end of the month just before your next bill, depending on the type of web hosting company they may not require you to pay your next bill or wait the 30 day settlement period. If the hosting company you are currently with do ask for a 30 day settlement period then you are best waiting to purchase your new web hosting the day before the 30th day. Meaning that on the 29th day you can then move your web site into its new home and not have to pay for web hosting that you don’t need.

What is web hosting uptime

Web hosting uptime is used to explain when your web hosting company’s servers are on line. Every second a website is live on the internet that counts as an extra percentage on the web hosting company’s uptime percentage. Web hosting company’s who have a very low uptime percentage should be deemed untrustworthy and you should not sign up to there web hosting packages as the amount of time your website will be online will be very low.

Why do web hosting company’s have uptime records I hear you ask? Well the answer to that question is very simple and strait forward, you see every single time your web site goes down due to a server crash then that is a possible customer you will loose or a possible new user you will loose. You need to make sure when you are choosing a web hosting provider they have the best uptime record usually between ninety nine percent and ninety nine point nine percent is what you should be looking for, anything less should not even be thought about.

Some web hosting company’s have what’s called planned down time this is when a web hosting company will be doing vital work on there servers so they will loose connection, most hosting company’s who do this explain to customers exact times and dates to there customers so that the customers can pass it on to there customers and users.

You really need to check a web hosts uptime statistics before you order from them as checking it after you have purchased it isn’t a good idea as they could have a very poor uptime record and this will cause a lot of problems for your website as you will not be giving your customers and users the best possible service they expect it can also be very frustrating as a web master, imagine if your email address was down for just five minutes, how annoying would it be, imagine a whole day or even in some cases a week without your email service and especially when you run an on line business, you will miss very important emails.

When choosing a web hosting company a service uptime graph is very important as most potential web hosting customers just see a very low price and unlimited space and bandwidth and want to buy right away and they are blind to the poor customer service and uptime and also slow servers the hosting company offers. With so many web hosting company’s actually offering nothing less than ninety nine percent uptime guarantee or your money back it would be very unwise to purchase web hosting from a company who actually offer you a lower percentage than that. Web hosting uptime is actually the percentage of the time when the web site on the web hosting company’s servers is online but also you need to remember that just because a web hosting company will have ninety nine point ninety nine percent up time you need to look at other factors before deciding to purchase a web hosting package from them as they may have terrible customer service support you need to go for a web hosting company with atleast twenty four seven live chat customer support and email support, in the web hosting industry if a web hosting company offers twenty four seven telephone support think of it as a bonus.

Take Control of your Time

Time flies, it is the only gift that cannot be replaced. Food you consume, money you spend and clothes you wear can all be replaced but every minute that passes by cannot be replaced. At times people have this wrong notion that a person becomes important by the amount of time he spends in motion but actually, the amount of time spent is not an indicator of how important a person’s work is.

There must be such days in your life, when you realize that though the day is over yet you have not done anything important or productive in the whole day. In such a situation you need to take back control of your life and organize your life with the help of time management. The first and foremost thought that comes to your mind when you realize that you are not using your time wisely, is to organize your life. In today’s modern times we have all sorts of calendars, organizers, containers and labels to keep everything organized. It is a great feeling when you don’t have to spend hours looking for stuff in your home; you just need to go to the appropriate place to find it. Living in an organized and orderly manner saves time but in order to become organized, you need to take back control of your time.

The best way to take back control of your time is by meditation. Meditation helps you reflect and decide what really is important in your life. It helps clear your mind and makes you focus on your goals. It also allows you time to reclaim your position as master of your own destiny. Meditation is a means of rejuvenating the mind and helping it become organized.

You have to learn to take your own decisions. You are the master of your own life and have to lead it as you want to lead it. There is no universal right or wrong answer for questions like what are you best at , is it important to go shopping or to clean the house, can the laundry wait for another day etc. It is you who has to answer these questions and decide whether you are right or wrong. You must learn to make compartments for regular chores in your mind… what can actually wait and what cannot.

The biggest source of relaxed mental state is meditation. It is a simple method of organizing the hidden powers and gaining control of your life. Daily meditation allows your mind to focus and realize your main aim or goal and once you have set your goal, you can carry these day to day activities in a better manner. Meditation relaxes you and helps you think with a clearer and better frame of mind. It is up to you to handle your life well and take back control of it.

Practice Time Management for Success

Are you able to manage your time well in your business as well as personal life? If yes, then it means that you know time management. You are a good time manager and a good time manager knows how to keep his business ahead of competition.

Time management is about doing fewer things that are of utmost importance. It allows you to enjoy your professional as well as your personal life and you can dedicate more time to your family. It keeps you tension free and helps you to lead a stress free life.

Time management requires you to be self disciplined, it teaches you to be conscious, look out and be able to identify and grab opportunities. It involves pre-planning and organizing each step and requires self motivation at each step. It teaches you to work smarter not harder and gives you the ability to maximize profits with optimum efficiency.

But why do we need to manage time?

We need to manage time because work tends to keep on expanding to fill the time allotted for a task, due to which lesser work will be done in more time.

We need to categorize and pre- plan each and every activity. Time is precious and scarce and we need to save it. If we do not plan our work and spend more time on a task than required then there will be wastage of time. We need to remember that in business, time is money.

There are certain barriers that do not allow time management. They are as follows-

  1. Improper working habits
  2. Lack of skills to handle tasks
  3. Negative attitude and failure fear
  4. Tendency of delaying things
  5. Unorganized working methods and environment
  6. Inability to categorize and prioritize things
  7. Lack of proper arrangements and pre- planning to perform tasks
  8. Escapist attitude and wrong thinking that work is difficult

Goal setting is important in time management. Time managers set goals and pre-plan each task in such a way so as to optimize time and performance for reaching their goals.

If you want to learn time management, you have to set goals for yourself and be goal driven. You have to focus on achieving your goals and save time wherever possible.

A time manager’s day starts with planning the schedule of the entire day. They identify and set goals for each day. They prioritize all work and put on paper their plans, steps to be taken, required time, whom to delegate work and set the deadlines for the work.

In order to achieve each task, activities are broken down into smaller components and assigned to a team. Each person gets one set of activities to perform, this reduces stress and enables work to be completed in the given time span.

You need to be focused on your goal the whole day and in order to do so, you need to avoid all interruptions like phone calls, visitors etc. as they deviate attention. Only when you avoid these interruptions can you deliver your best.

Finally at the end of the day, you need to do a time review and set tasks for the next day.

In time management we learn to identify, prioritize, focus on important tasks and meet assigned deadlines.

Each activity has been categorized below according to their nature by the time managers.

  1. Urgent and important
  2. Important but not urgent
  3. Urgent but not important
  4. Neither important nor urgent

If we categorize our work according to these then we can prioritize our work and focus on our goals in a stress free manner.

How to choose the best web hosting package

When your choosing web hosting you need to make sure you choose the best web hosting package, you need to make sure your paying the right price and you need to make sure your getting the best level of customer server and the best level of functions, tools and applications. When your looking at buying web hosting from a company make sure you check out there reviews from other customers, make sure they get positive reviews, you do now and again get the odd customer who is kicking off at them, maybe the customer was actually in the wrong and just blamed the web host as web hosts usually always get blamed for the web masters mistakes, if the web masters script doesn’t work, they instantly think that the web server is down. So just because a web hosting provider has a bad review it doesn’t mean there a bad web hosting provider. This is what you need to look for to choose the best web hosting for you:

Look for web hosting providers that have the best deal on at the time, maybe a web hosting provider is offering a coupon for fifty percent off for the first three months or maybe there offering a free domain name when you sign up to them. You need to take advantage of any promotion that the web host provides as if your saving a few dollars on the web hosting you can spend more on marketing and promoting the site.

You need to make sure your web hosting package has the amount of web space you need to run your website and it supports all your websites features for example if you have a .asp website you will need .asp web hosting or if your website is build using the ruby on rails framework then you will need a web hosting provider that supports ruby on rails. You should also think about eco friendly web hosting as data centres produce a lot of harmful chemicals that damage the environment and by using eco friendly web hosting services it actually helps the environment although certainty dont feel guilty if you dont want to go green and use eco friendly web hosting as currently its quite new to market and its usually more expensive than normal shared web hosting packages that are not eco friendly.

Obviously you do need to look at the costs of the web hosting package and if it is very cheap then you have to consider the perils that sometimes come with using cheap web hosting, sometimes cheap hosting accounts can be run by very small company’s or people who are just resellers and are just trying to make a quick buck by reselling off there un-used web space. They may not give very good customer support and can sometimes be impossible to get hold of whatsoever but will still take your money every month without fail and still not reply to the urgent emails you send them.

Most web hosting company’s offer great discounts if you pay for example twelve months upfront instead of monthly. If you do it this way then you don’t just get the best deal due to the discount but you don’t have to worry about paying your web hosting bill every month.

Organization for Those who Work at Home

About 90-95% of a home worker’s time is spent in front of the computer. All their business activities and interaction with clients, employers and employees takes place online with the help of various applications. At any point of time, a home worker’s computer will have 5-6 windows open with around 4-5 tabs on each window. They have to pay a lot of attention and it takes ages to organize their work. In order to make their lives easier and manage time better, they have to find out ways to organize their online life.

Nowadays, to promote relationships a number of social networking sites and programs (Twitter, Face book, My space); mail applications (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) and instant messengers (Yahoo messenger, Skype and MSN) are available. Using these applications make interaction with people smoother and easier. One can share documents, attachments, photographs, videos, emails and messages through these applications. You can also find long lost friends through these networking sites. These days many businesses are being done only by advertising through these social networking websites.

Microsoft Windows Live is a new program which is just like a dashboard. Along with basic interaction tools like email, blogs, chat, draft storage and online invitation software, you can also download widgets to integrate a wide variety of programs like WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket and Pandora. Myspace and Facebook are the only two programs that have not yet established a relationship with Microsoft Windows Live. In order to access these two programs you have to log on to their respective sites. This new program saves a lot of time but it too has its drawbacks. Though it does allow you to integrate widgets like Flickr and Photobucket, still you cannot access them fully. Their access is limited and you have to log on to their individual sites to access the full application. There is no such thing as a perfect program; all programs have their Pros and Cons. Yet these programs are a wonderful asset and help management of time.

In this day and age, the job trend is shifting from in-office to virtual interaction. This allows better flexibility and saves traveling time. In this fast paced world, those working from home have to know when to draw the line and prevent their work life from merging with their family life. Time management plays a very important role here. Time management teaches us to work smartly and within time boundations. Organizing our online life well is very essential for optimization of work and better results.

Manage Your Time to Get More Done

It’s not about squeezing more things into a day, it is about doing fewer things of utmost importance.

Have you ever wished for more  than 24 hours a day? Have you ever wished that you had more time on your hands? Well we know for a fact that a day has 24 hours and that’s all we can get but what we can do is, choose what we want to do or what really is important.

Sometimes you need to sit back, think and evaluate the activities that you are spending your time on. Think, are these really what you want to do or need to do. They key is to identify the most important things that you need to do. You need to make a list and categorize the important and the not so important things. You need to set your goals for the day or for the week.

Now that you have identified the important things, you need to list down activities or steps that you need to take in order to actualize your goal. It’s time to take out time for these activities.

Given below are a few tips that will help you to get things done.

  1. Start- The first step that you need to take is to just start. All work mostly starts with a simple email or a call to extract information. You only need to start; once you get started the next steps will keep on happening on their own. You just need to start the process.
  1. Assign deadlines- For all important work you need to assign deadlines. Blocking time on your calendar helps you to remember that you need to reach your goal. Assigning time to all projects is important for work to be done.
  1. Focus for five minutes- If you are having problems in starting the assignment, just take out five minutes and focus on the project. When you focus, you can easily identify the main objectives and the steps to be taken to start the project. The key is to focus.
  1. Assign a timer- By assigning a timer; you can monitor how long a project has taken and how long you will work on that project. Using a timer is a great help, it helps you to keep a track of time.
  1. Still have a problem? – If you are still facing problems in starting your project then it is time you review your goals again. Think and evaluate if this is the correct time to start your project. You might come across reasons to delay your project. An honest evaluation is required and only you can decide what you want.

Try these tips and you can achieve what you want with their help.

Web Hosting For Beginners

If your new to the world of web hosting then you will need to atleast choose a web hosting provider who can offer you the right kind of partnership both in a reliable uptime service and an affordable monthly cost so that it helps your website. This, is web hosting for beginners!

When your only just starting out in the web master world you will need to keep costs down and uptime to a maximum, every second your website isn’t on line its a second where money could be lost, maybe Bill Gates CEO of Microsoft will pass over your site and offer you a zillion bucks for it, how do you know? If its down at the time then how will you ever know? You need to make sure your little piece of the web stays on-line and that’s why you need a web hosting company who offer at least ninety nine point ninety nine percent uptime. No web hosting company can offer one hundred percent up time guarantee as you never know what might happen, web hosting provider DreamHost’s data centers actually burnt down at one point so how can any web host guarantee your site is going to be on line every second of the day, you just need to make sure you get the best for what you can afford.

You need to look for a web hosting provider who can provide you with customer support and you need the best as there may be a time when you really need to know how to do something but you don’t know a clue about it, maybe one of your websites databases crashes you will need your web hosting customer support to help you out, some hosting company’s just ignore your problems you need to go to a web hosting provider who understand your concerns and help you every step of the way.

You need to make sure you choose a hosting package with an easy to use control panel system. Control panel systems include cPanel, SiteBuilder, Lxadmin, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere, ISPConfig, ISPManager, Plesk, HSPComplete and Webmin. Cpanel and Plesk offer the best control panels for web hosting accounts for newbies they offer all the features you need to start hosting your first website and its very easy to use too.

If you are looking at a more advanced server if your website recives a lot of traffic and you have some money to invest on a dedicated server I would recommend dedicated web hosting servers as they are a more powerfull type of server offering great uptime and a franticly fast connection speeds but they do come with a higher price tag and its always best to start off  small and build your way up to a bigger server as your website grows. There is an option of Cloud web hosting, which would be a good idea. Cloud web hosting is a service which is very scalable, it offers you the ability to move with your site, grow it as and when it needs it. Cloud web hosting works on a per by megabyte type scheme. This allows you to pay for what you use and helps you scale upwards but still keep the costs to a minimum which is great when you are a beginner.

Attaining Your Goals through Time Management

Time is money; it is precious and should be spent wisely.

Though you cannot get more time, you can make more money by using your time efficiently. Therefore it is important that you invest time in learning how to save time in the future with the help of time management. Time management is basically about focusing on your goals.

You can learn to stay focused and save on time when you work from home, with the help of these few tips.

  1. Jot down your goals: You should write down your goals and assign deadlines to them. Assigning deadlines help you stay focused on your goals. Having a deadline pushes you and helps you stay on the right track. You should also write down why these goals are important to you, it will help you to focus better.
  1. Set up alerts: You can put a reminder on your mobile phone calendar or set up a to-do list. You can choose a sound alert for reminding you about the task, this alert will remind you to focus on your work instead of wasting time. It is very helpful if you get distracted easily. You can even download any online to-do lists or task management tools in order to stay organized.
  1. Know your keyboard shortcuts: If you know a few keyboard commands then you will at least save an extra minute. At times when you look for answers in any forum or you want information fast, it is quite an ordeal to go through the entire page instead you can use a shortcut like CTRL F for it. For example, if you are searching for time management and come across a very long article, by simply pressing CTRL F you can find a search bar and type the keyword you want to look up. Once you type the keyword, the page will highlight the entire portion with the keyword. You can save a good amount of time by merely knowing the keyboard shortcuts.
  1. Keep your emails organized: A lot of junk is mailed to us and if we sit down to clean it, it will take hours. Email is the greatest distraction for those working from home but you can organize your email with the help of tools like Xobni. Xobni helps you to organize your emails and makes finding people and attachments faster. Do not subscribe to any junk that you are not interested in.
  1. Listen to the right kind of music: According to a survey, it has been seen that people who listen to jazz, classic rock or instrumental music while working are more productive than those who listen to fast songs with catchy beats. Instrumental music helps you relax and soothes your mind.
  1. Do tough tasks when you are most alert: It is said that peak hours for every human being is in the morning. People are most alert in the morning times when creativity and logic are at their peak. Morning is the perfect time to write, work and discuss difficult topics.

Time management is badly required by those people who work from home or run home based businesses because they have to deal with many things at one time. They have to manage the house as well as the business. The above tips should be helpful in saving time and energy.